About ‘An Open Source Mind Blog’

The purpose of this blog is to preserve ideas, foster discussion, and inspire action.  Each day, each of us has thousands of fantastic ideas that fizzle and die in our own minds.  Many of these ideas could potentially change the world if seized upon by others.  What I attempt to do with this blog is to diligently offer my daily insights for the rest of the world to reflect on, comment on, respond to, or run with.  You are free to do whatever you wish with any of these ideas.

The three purposes of this blog are further elaborated upon below:

Preserve Ideas

I am fortunate enough to attend a large, private research university in the United States of America.  My mind races with new insights, ideas, and businesses every day.   I cannot possibly remember or mentally keep track of them all.  This blog is my attempt to preserve my ideas for future amusement and further contemplation and development.

Foster Discussion

I do not claim ownership of these ideas.  They are inspired by articles, professors, students, and the world around me.  I post my insights freely and encourage any reader to respond with their own take on these ideas.  Each post is an immature idea that I have planted on the internet like a seed.  Each person who responds encourages and influences its growth.

Inspire Action

As each seedling idea is discussed and developed by the online community, I hope that many will reach the stage of development at which they might inspire action of some kind.   I do not claim ownership of these ideas.  If you come across an idea that you particularly want to research or a business you particularly want to start, I encourage you to do so.  All I ask is that you continue the discussion started here and respond with your personal insights, plans, and progress.

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