A Theory on The Evolutionary Science of Attraction

What Am I Talking About: Human couples tend to resemble one another, not just in skin color and height and other obvious traits, but in finger length and many other minutia.

How Does This Occur: Humans evolved to base attractive qualities on those they are exposed to most as children.  In other words, attractive qualities come from parents, siblings, cousins, close family friends, etc.

Why Did This Evolve: Any gene that increased our preference for those resembling family would have increased the survival of that gene, since family members carry similar genes and those resembling family members are likely to carry similar genes.  An attraction to family members however would have been evolutionarily discouraged by recessive genetic diseases that would have had a high occurrence in mommy-lovers.

*This theory is based on reflection on material from Jared Diamond’s ‘The Third Chimpanzee’

~ by djstrouse on May 8, 2008.

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