Nick Bostrom’s 3 Biggest Problems for Humanity

The following list is drawn from Nick Bostrom’s talk on

1. Death and Aging

Oft overlooked, aging is the leading cause of death and death decimates our supply of human capital every day. The burning of the Library of Alexandria is mourned as a great loss of human knowledge, but even worse, were the deaths of the millions of people who wrote the lost manuscripts.

2. Extinction

Various scenarios exist, but as humans come to wield more destructive power, it becomes exceedingly possible and likely.

3. Life Isn’t Usually as Wonderful as it Could Be

We experience small moments of extraordinary joy, but much of our lives is spent at a less optimal level of happiness. Not only should we be able to sustain those moments of joy, but we should be able to create even more emotionally enjoyable ones.

~ by djstrouse on April 16, 2008.

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